Mr. Morgan is an experienced and nationally respected leader and administrator in the behavioral health field, with strong leadership and management skills. An innovator, analytical and strategic thinker with proven abilities to administer large complex systems, manage budgets, and develop quality driven outcome based programs. Knowledgeable in health care financing and has a diversified background in operations, policy, legislative advocacy, and implementation of culturally and linguistically competent programs and services.  An excellent public speaker, frequently a guest on radio, television, and quoted by print media. Adapt facilitator who has provided training and consultation to international, national, state, and local audiences. Mr. Morgan joined Health Management Consultants (HMC), a minority business enterprise dedicated to assisting public and private healthcare organizations improve performance by providing management solutions, financial analysis, needs assessments, organizational assessments, and performance outcome evaluations in June 2007. As Vice President, Mr. Morgan who has over thirty years in the mental health field leads HMCs national efforts. Before joining, HMC Mr. Morgan was Chief Operating Officer of Mental Health America, formerly the National Mental Health Association.  In this capacity, he provided guidance to staff, 320 national affiliates, community leaders, family members, consumers and national, state and local policy makers on financing strategies, clinical practices, research, emerging trends and issues affecting access and delivery of quality culturally and linguistically mental health care to the nationís citizenry. Mr. Morgan also has had a distinguished career with the State of Marylandís public mental health system.  During his career he served in variety of positions including the executive directorís position. Mr. Morgan a firm advocate for equal participation of consumers and family members in the directing of their care with the unanimous support of the legislator, reformed Marylandís mental health system by integrating Medicaid and state general funds into a universal, single point of entry for all eligible Marylanders. The system design is based on consumer choice. In this capacity, Mr. Morgan led an agency consisting of 4,000 employees and a community base network of 3,000 providers. Mr. Morgan is also cofounder and president of the National Leadership Council of African American Behavioral Health. He also serves on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation National Advisory Committee of Consumer Voices for Coverage, The Johnson and Johnson Supported Employment National Advisory Committee and  numerous other national boards and committees addressing mental health issues.    Mr. Morgan has bachelorís degree in biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder Colorado and a masterís degree in health care administration from George Washington University, Washington, DC. He may be reached at, or at (410) 715 0011 (telephone); (410) 715 6767 (fax).            


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